Manning Delivers…Rivers Withers

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Rod Smith getting the crowd ready to start this thing. I miss his pizza commercials.

rod smith pizza

B vs C 2

On the field for the coin toss..”Jake the Snake” Plummer. Broncos win the toss…They defer.

b vs c 3Jake the Snake plummer

First play of the game…Handoff to Mathews.

b vs c 4 handoof to Mathews

Some serious interference noise from the home crowd. At times you could tell the 12th man had its effect on Rivers.

b vs c 5

b vs c 6

b vs c 7

b vs c 8

Broncos turn.

b vs c 11

b vs c 10

b vs c 12

Touchdown #1

b vs c 13

Thomas earned that TD

Manning flashing the Ranter sign. I believe the call was “Ranter 1, In and Out burger, Black Hawk, Hurry Hurry” or something like that.

b vs c 14 ranter sign

b vs c 15

b vs c 16

Pass to Thomas who is about to get slammed.

b vs c 17

Then fumbles.

b vs c 18

Chargers recover…Cry me a River Phillips is back.

Did I mention the Chargers had a LOT of injuries usually as the Broncos were gaining momentum… Just say’n.

b vs c 19

b vs c 21 facemask

Yeah Champ is back!

b vs c 22

Rivers going down again.

b vs c 23

b vs c 24

Manning doesn’t even flinch.

b vs c 25

b vs c 26

b vs c 27

b vs c 28

Manning to Wes.

b vs c 29

b vs c 30

b vs c 31

b vs c 32

b vs c 33

b vs c 34

b vs c 35

b vs c 36

b vs c 37

b vs c 38

Krista and I really enjoyed watching this game but we never felt at ease an any point during the 60 minutes.

I’ll admit it, last years post-season kept ringing in my ears. The Chargers were formidable opponents, but the Broncos defense was up to the challenge this game.

Final Score

final score


You lead brotha we’ll follow. Cold weather ain’t shit.

PFM yo 2

I will not be at the game next week and this is my last Broncos blog of the season. I appreciate all who frequent here and I look forward to watching the Broncos in the Superbowl this year. I’m “D” the Ranter


If I can’t dazzle you with my brilliance I’ll just baffle you with some bullshit.



Broncos T-Bag the Jags

nfl_jaguars_vs_broncosJaguars vs Broncos

There’s nothing like an early morning tailgate party.

Bronco’s parking lots open at 9am for a 2:00 game. Either you’ve got your shit packed the night before or you’re gett’n up at the crack of dawn to load that car. Krista and I have no elaborate tailgating ensemble right now until the VW bus is finished. For now we just bring food, booze, our chairs, my Broncos cornhole game and a lot of enthusiasm.

We rolled in about 10 am and managed to get a decent spot to tailgate and play a lil cornhole. I wanted to get inside the Stadium a bit early so I wouldn’t miss the Todd Helton tribute.

Tebow to Jacksonville…Hmmm?

2 TEbow to jacksonville

1 plane with sign Tebow

I had planned on shooting video of the Helton tribute but just as I was about to start filming a rather large lady squeezed past Krista and I and managed to spill my drink all over the place. For that reason I didn’t get to shoot the video.

The Helton tribute was short and here’s a few pics.

7 Helton family jags

8 Helton wave jags

3 horse flame jag

4 Welker intro jag

5 Manning intro jag

Helton on the field for the coin toss.

6 coin toss Helton jags

Lets do this!

9 Get ready jags 1

10 go jags 1

11 Manning pressure jag

12 Manning crush jags 1

13 Td celebreation jags

14 its good jag1

15 Todd on side jag1

16 Manning throw jag1

17 Ball flying jag1

18 Welker run jag 1

18 Welker run jag1

19 Welker down TD jag

20 Welker high 5 jag1

21 Moreno blackmon tackle jag1

22 champ in air jag1

24 TD miss jag1

25 TD miss 2 jag

26 MOreno TD 4 jag

27 Jag hand off jag1

28 Champ Baily yeah jag 1

30 champ baily standoff

29 Jag TD 2 no

Anyone know what the square means?

30 Jag square huh

31 Thomas run jag1

Manning throws.

32 Peyton thows pick jags


33 Ptytons pick jags1

It gets ugly from here.

34 keep running jags 1

What is Peyton doing?

35 Manning push down jags

Stop that shit Peyton. We can’t risk it.

36 manning down jags1

37 jags td 11

Guess what?…Champ’s back yo!

38 champ the man 1 jags

39 champ pre tackle jags1

40 jags td 2 jags

41 Thomas run jgs1

42 Moreno go jags1

43 Manning drop 1


44 Manning drop 2

45 Manning drop 3

46 Manning drop 4 wes welker

47 Manning shocked jags1

48 Manning hand off jags 1

49 Manning in charge jags21

50 Manming here  ya go jags1

This is what happens when you don’t stand up quick enough when the Broncos score.

52 fan blocking view jags

53 Moreno score jagsw 22

I was excited for this game but not nearly as much as a couple of our previous games.

I figured this to be an easy win.

The weather was perfect today as it is most Broncos home games. What I got out of this game is I like how Moreno is maturing. He just plays hard and is much better at keeping that football tucked with a 5 point grip. However we need Von Miller back on this defense doing his thing (He’s back next week vs the Colts). Let’s hope Von has realized just how lucky he is and is ready to grow up.

 Good to see Champ Bailey out tackling dudes again, he’s amazing to watch.

Broncos win again with a final score of 35-19.

I’m “D” the Ranter…6-0 baby!!

Time to head to Indianapolis and shove a win down that prick Jim Irsay’s throat.


Eagles are Grounded…Then Pounded


b vs e

I was explaining to Krista what kind of Quarterback Michael Vick is. I was like the dude can run, he can throw, he can make plays happen when nothing is happening, however he’s just not reliable or likeable.

Fair assessment?

I like Michael Vick about as much as I like taking my dogs to the Vet.

I noticed I had not heard any smack talk from ANY of my Eagle fan friends?? ..Yeah though so 🙂

I can’t tell you how much fun the “Peyton Manning Show” has been this season. As a fan, 4-0, Manning with career and record numbers. Witnessing touchdown after touchdown. Yeah it’s a good year to be a season ticket holder.

Today I got a shot of the skydivers from outside the stadium.

para guy upside down 1

para guy real close

Didn’t plan it that way, we were just a little bit late getting to our seats.

2 wes Welker eagles


3 Thomas catch  eagles1

4 Welker catch eagles1

5 Welker TD 1 Eagles

6 Vick running eagles 1

7 Field goal is good eagles1

Peyton on Top eag

7 Vick down eagles1

8 Holliday catch gone 1

9 Holliday gone eagles 3

10 Holliday TD eagles 1

11 Holliday salute eagles 1

12 Brown down eagles 1

13 Peyton throw

14 Hanging on eagles 1

15 Vick throw it away eagles 1

16 thomas push off eagles 1

17 Peyton safe eagles 1

18 Peyton sack throw eagles 1

19 Moreno TD eagles 1

21 Decker drop eagles 1

22 Moreno catch eagles 1

23 Thomas TD eagles 2

24 Decker miss eagles 1

25 TD jump eagles 1

26 Welker block Thomas eagles 1

27 manning bench eagles 1

28 Woodyard sack eagles 1

29 chase eagles 1

30 WElker catch eagle s2

31 Welker TD catch eagles 3

32 graceful eagles 1

209 decker and moreno td eagles 1

39 decker tackled eagles 4

When you see Brock in a regular season game it’s either a good thing or a really bad thing.

This was a good thing.

40 brock 11

At the beginning of the 4th quarter I mentioned I’d like to see the Broncos break 50 points. Needless to say that last field goal was icing on the cake.

Final Score 52-20.

I’m “D” the Ranter and these Eagles were tamed.


It’s Gonna Be Odd…Without Todd

September 25, 2013

bos rox helmets

Red Sox vs RockiesTodd Helton’s Last Game at Coors Field.

1 todd helton last

I knew this day was going to be insane when I arrived an hour and a half early to Coors Field and it looked like Opening Day. DJ pumping out some techo on Blake Street and Rockies fans everywhere wearing #17 jerseys, it was an incredible sight. I normally don’t wear player’s jerseys (I have my Ranter jerseys), but there was a time when I did wear #17’s.

I arrived early with the intention of soaking in the sights and sounds of the last game my favorite player would ever play at Coors Field.

However, I found myself trying to snag a good place in line as it was not only Todd’s last home game it was his bobble head day and Rockies fans (including yours truly) dig-em. In fact Rockies fans like their bobble heads so much every single one of them showed up 2 hours early.

Never have I ever seen a crowd that big trying to get inside Coors Field at once. I’m glad I entered Coors early because as I hit the front row of the pavilion I noticed a 20th Anniversary logo ball sitting on the warning track. Twenty two games this season and I had not snagged a Rockies Anniversary ball. I noticed Chad Bettis walking up to the ball and I really wanted that ball. So I went a little out of my comfort zone and said “Sir, I’ve been to a lot of games this year and I’ve yet to snag a commemorative ball, any chance I could talk you out of that one.”

Chad looked up, smiled and tossed it to me. Never hurts to ask I guess 🙂

20 ball coors

Looks like Dinger snagged a pair of Helton’s briefs.

Dinger panties

This picture show is all about Helton.

2 Todd Helton

3 Todd Family

Tulo joining the crowd.

4 Tulo in crowd last

Rockies gift to Helton.

5 Todds horse

6 Todds horse

Rockies…You got this one right!

7 Todds horse pet

8 Todd horse big screen

9 Todd Family horse

Former Rockie Brad Hawpe.

10 Helton horse laugh

11 Helton tip hat 1

12 17 on field 1

12 Helton on first

13 Todd Crowd 1

14 Todd Crowd 2

15 Todd at bat 1

16 Todd first pitch

17 Peavy on mound

18 Helton Peavy standoff

Perfect pitch.

19 Perfect pitch 1

Perfect swing.

20 Perfect swing

Gone, just like everyone in attendance knew it would be.

21 Helton look at HR

22 Helton staring home run

Coors Field goes absolutely nuts!

23 Fans go wild

24Helton rounding third

One last trip home.

25 Helton home

26 Helton High 5

27 Helton Crowd

28 Helton crowd 2

29 Todd Torrealba

30 Todd hat off again

31 Todd  hat 5

32 Todd swing at bat 1

33 Todd swing foul 1

I’m proud of the Rockies for the way they did Helton’s last game. Props to the Red Sox for being cool during the whole ceremony.

It was hard to upload and look at all these pictures as it brought back the feeling I experience during the game. Helton has been there as long as I’ve been going to Rockies games on a regular basis.

Now there’s just a big empty first base. I hope they leave the 17 in the outfield.

17 coors

There was a guy carrying around this picture of Todd as a Centaur for the last few games I went to.

Weird as hell but blog worthy.

Todd centaur crop

I’m “D” the Ranter.

Who’s gonna be the leader of the Rockies now? Most of us know who it shouldn’t be.

I feel like the off-season blues are gonna be a whole lot bluer.

Good luck to you Todd and thanks for all the Memories!


Nucking Futs and Bumper Nuts


Ravens vs Broncos

Ravens vs Broncos 11

First Game of the 2013 Regular Football Season.

I never really cared one way or the other about the Baltimore Ravens until last year. Losing to the Ravens in the Playoffs created an instant distaste for those dirty birds.

A dude named Jacoby Jones ripped my heart out last season and I’ve never fully recovered…

Until now that is 🙂

I’m not here to give you the stats of this game, there are folks who get paid to do  that shit. I’m here to describe the feeling. As confident as Bronco fans wanted you to think we were going into this game, I believe each of us had just an inkling of doubt slingshoting around inside our heads. That little BB of doubt made me nervous because this was the first game of the NFL season and it was televised nationally with the entire country wondering/watching what the Broncos would do to try to even the score.

I like Joe Flacco about as much as I like gum stuck to my shoe.

The fact his mug was hanging down from Sports Authority Field like a set of bumper nuts was an insult to hard working Bronco fans who paid for this stadium.

Hey NFL…The home of the Broncos will  NEVER be “neutral” territory. Props to ya for showing us whose boss though. You totally won that battle…Fregg’n bully.

Props also go to my wife Krista for gett’n there early and gett’n us a tailgating spot. Perfect for a lil Cornhole.

Cornhole board d

Here’s some video from the Opening Ceremonies.

4 Balloons Ravens

Half hour Lightning delay.

2 Severe lightning

Delivering of the Game Ball.

1 Delivery of game ball ravens

Coin Toss

3 Coin Toss Ravens

Manning’s first pass.

5 Manning first pass ravens

Decker having a bad case of the dropsies.

6 ED butterfingers

Decker drop 3

stoke dropped ravens

b TD

Wes TD ravens

welker celebrate rav

thomas rav

Manning rav 1

crushed rav

decker drop 2

WElker flying rav

Moreno catch rav

Manning sack rav

Manning sack 2 rav

Manning line rav

Manning throw rav

Thomas TD rav

The first half of this game did nothing to ease my nervousness. In fact it made things worse. The few Ravens fans scattered throughout my section were becoming increasingly confident and it’s never good when that happens. If you are brave enough to wear your colors in enemy territory I feel like the last thing you should be is confident.

Not sure what was said at halftime but it worked.

Dumbass play of the Game. How about we just hang on to the ball and never drop it once we’re in the end zone?

drop the ball



Any doubts I had about the Broncos were gone. K and I just sat back and watched the P-F-Manning show and enjoyed every microsecond of this much needed and deserved Ravens ass-whoop’n.

So did the rest of World.

AFC Champions is not good enough this year….It’s Superbowl or bust baby, it has to be.

Ravens…I still don’t like ya, but now I know you’ve got a reason not to like us….7 TD’s…lol

I’m “D” the Ranter.

3rd Year Broncos Season Ticket Holder. 5th level, North End Zone…Front Row (Just above John Elway in the Ring of Fame).

Go Broncos!!


Sky Was Bright…But No Win Tonight


Dodgers vs Rockies Game 2

Family day for the Ranter crew.

With most fireworks shows in Colorado cancelled we felt fortunate to be sprawled out on Coors Field enjoying the kick-ass fireworks display the Rockies always put on several times a season.

D and K FW

I took some game pictures today and a combination of low light and wrong settings turned out a film card worth of pictures too bad to post. However I nailed the proper setting for the fireworks 🙂

Full house for the Fireworks game as usual.

rox crowd fwd

Rockies fire 1

Fire 1

fire 2

Fire 3

Fire 4

Fire 6

Fire 8

I’m “D” the Ranter and before I forget…The Rox lost game 2 in this series to the Dodgers 10-8.

Ranter vw logo

Pictures are bigger, Rockies beat the Phillies..Go Figure

Phillies vs Rockies Game 3

June 16, 2013

The Tie-Breaker

rox vs phils sign

I didnt’ take a whole bunch of pictures today. It was Father’s day and I was kinda chill’n.

Here are some of the ones I liked.

DJ 1

Nolan A

Michal Cuddyer wm

Most colorful fan 🙂

Most colorful fan

Dexter Fowler


It was Walt Weiss Bobble Head day so Walt threw out the first pitch to his son.

Weiss first pitch 1

Walt Weiss first pitch 2

Here’s Walt’s bobble head.

weiss bobble

Baby Bull hits the first homer of the game.

baby bull homer 1

This dude catches it.

dude catches BB homer

Cargo and Howard 1

Cargo second 1

Cargo headed home

NO out at second

Props to Chacin for pitching 8 2/3 innings of shutout baseball.

chacin shutout

Rockies get the win over the Phillies 5-2 and take the series at Coors. The best part of this game for me was visiting with my old friend Kevin and meeting his wife Lindsey.

Happy 1st Anniversary to you both 🙂

the crew 2

I’m “D” the Ranter and this is my new format.

Whatcha think?…”D”

Ranter vw logo