Pictures are bigger, Rockies beat the Phillies..Go Figure

Phillies vs Rockies Game 3

June 16, 2013

The Tie-Breaker

rox vs phils sign

I didnt’ take a whole bunch of pictures today. It was Father’s day and I was kinda chill’n.

Here are some of the ones I liked.

DJ 1

Nolan A

Michal Cuddyer wm

Most colorful fan πŸ™‚

Most colorful fan

Dexter Fowler


It was Walt Weiss Bobble Head day so Walt threw out the first pitch to his son.

Weiss first pitch 1

Walt Weiss first pitch 2

Here’s Walt’s bobble head.

weiss bobble

Baby Bull hits the first homer of the game.

baby bull homer 1

This dude catches it.

dude catches BB homer

Cargo and Howard 1

Cargo second 1

Cargo headed home

NO out at second

Props to Chacin for pitching 8 2/3 innings of shutout baseball.

chacin shutout

Rockies get the win over the Phillies 5-2 and take the series at Coors. The best part of this game for me was visiting with my old friend Kevin and meeting his wife Lindsey.

Happy 1st Anniversary to you both πŸ™‚

the crew 2

I’m “D” the Ranter and this is my new format.

Whatcha think?…”D”

Ranter vw logo


6 thoughts on “Pictures are bigger, Rockies beat the Phillies..Go Figure

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  2. I know that this is a bit random, but I am also a fellow baseball fan and relatively new to catching baseballs. I will be making my first trip (Roadtrip from MN with my wife and parents) to Coors over the 4th in hopes of snagging one of those beautiful 20th season balls.
    This is where it gets more random. I was hoping that you could point me to somewhere where I could get 4 tix for the 4th – for a decent price. I know it’s probably THE premium game if the year, but that’s what happens when you plan a trip around the holidays. Also, if you have any tricks or tips on how to obtain one of those balls, that info would be most useful.
    I was bummed to see your other blog go, but I understand that there are reasons.
    PS: Go Cuddyer! Loved him as a Twin, and he really deserves to be an All-Star this year!

    • The tickets are tough Tony as they sell out in advance for the 4th. Stub hub or in front of the stadium(scalpers) is what I’d recommend. As far as a 20th season ball, I’ve yet to snag on this season so I guess I can’t help you there either. Good luck to you and enjoy Coors Field brotha…”D”

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