Sky Was Bright…But No Win Tonight


Dodgers vs Rockies Game 2

Family day for the Ranter crew.

With most fireworks shows in Colorado cancelled we felt fortunate to be sprawled out on Coors Field enjoying the kick-ass fireworks display the Rockies always put on several times a season.

D and K FW

I took some game pictures today and a combination of low light and wrong settings turned out a film card worth of pictures too bad to post. However I nailed the proper setting for the fireworks 🙂

Full house for the Fireworks game as usual.

rox crowd fwd

Rockies fire 1

Fire 1

fire 2

Fire 3

Fire 4

Fire 6

Fire 8

I’m “D” the Ranter and before I forget…The Rox lost game 2 in this series to the Dodgers 10-8.

Ranter vw logo


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