Nucking Futs and Bumper Nuts


Ravens vs Broncos

Ravens vs Broncos 11

First Game of the 2013 Regular Football Season.

I never really cared one way or the other about the Baltimore Ravens until last year. Losing to the Ravens in the Playoffs created an instant distaste for those dirty birds.

A dude named Jacoby Jones ripped my heart out last season and I’ve never fully recovered…

Until now that is 🙂

I’m not here to give you the stats of this game, there are folks who get paid to do  that shit. I’m here to describe the feeling. As confident as Bronco fans wanted you to think we were going into this game, I believe each of us had just an inkling of doubt slingshoting around inside our heads. That little BB of doubt made me nervous because this was the first game of the NFL season and it was televised nationally with the entire country wondering/watching what the Broncos would do to try to even the score.

I like Joe Flacco about as much as I like gum stuck to my shoe.

The fact his mug was hanging down from Sports Authority Field like a set of bumper nuts was an insult to hard working Bronco fans who paid for this stadium.

Hey NFL…The home of the Broncos will  NEVER be “neutral” territory. Props to ya for showing us whose boss though. You totally won that battle…Fregg’n bully.

Props also go to my wife Krista for gett’n there early and gett’n us a tailgating spot. Perfect for a lil Cornhole.

Cornhole board d

Here’s some video from the Opening Ceremonies.

4 Balloons Ravens

Half hour Lightning delay.

2 Severe lightning

Delivering of the Game Ball.

1 Delivery of game ball ravens

Coin Toss

3 Coin Toss Ravens

Manning’s first pass.

5 Manning first pass ravens

Decker having a bad case of the dropsies.

6 ED butterfingers

Decker drop 3

stoke dropped ravens

b TD

Wes TD ravens

welker celebrate rav

thomas rav

Manning rav 1

crushed rav

decker drop 2

WElker flying rav

Moreno catch rav

Manning sack rav

Manning sack 2 rav

Manning line rav

Manning throw rav

Thomas TD rav

The first half of this game did nothing to ease my nervousness. In fact it made things worse. The few Ravens fans scattered throughout my section were becoming increasingly confident and it’s never good when that happens. If you are brave enough to wear your colors in enemy territory I feel like the last thing you should be is confident.

Not sure what was said at halftime but it worked.

Dumbass play of the Game. How about we just hang on to the ball and never drop it once we’re in the end zone?

drop the ball



Any doubts I had about the Broncos were gone. K and I just sat back and watched the P-F-Manning show and enjoyed every microsecond of this much needed and deserved Ravens ass-whoop’n.

So did the rest of World.

AFC Champions is not good enough this year….It’s Superbowl or bust baby, it has to be.

Ravens…I still don’t like ya, but now I know you’ve got a reason not to like us….7 TD’s…lol

I’m “D” the Ranter.

3rd Year Broncos Season Ticket Holder. 5th level, North End Zone…Front Row (Just above John Elway in the Ring of Fame).

Go Broncos!!



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