It’s Gonna Be Odd…Without Todd

September 25, 2013

bos rox helmets

Red Sox vs RockiesTodd Helton’s Last Game at Coors Field.

1 todd helton last

I knew this day was going to be insane when I arrived an hour and a half early to Coors Field and it looked like Opening Day. DJ pumping out some techo on Blake Street and Rockies fans everywhere wearing #17 jerseys, it was an incredible sight. I normally don’t wear player’s jerseys (I have my Ranter jerseys), but there was a time when I did wear #17’s.

I arrived early with the intention of soaking in the sights and sounds of the last game my favorite player would ever play at Coors Field.

However, I found myself trying to snag a good place in line as it was not only Todd’s last home game it was his bobble head day and Rockies fans (including yours truly) dig-em. In fact Rockies fans like their bobble heads so much every single one of them showed up 2 hours early.

Never have I ever seen a crowd that big trying to get inside Coors Field at once. I’m glad I entered Coors early because as I hit the front row of the pavilion I noticed a 20th Anniversary logo ball sitting on the warning track. Twenty two games this season and I had not snagged a Rockies Anniversary ball. I noticed Chad Bettis walking up to the ball and I really wanted that ball. So I went a little out of my comfort zone and said “Sir, I’ve been to a lot of games this year and I’ve yet to snag a commemorative ball, any chance I could talk you out of that one.”

Chad looked up, smiled and tossed it to me. Never hurts to ask I guess 🙂

20 ball coors

Looks like Dinger snagged a pair of Helton’s briefs.

Dinger panties

This picture show is all about Helton.

2 Todd Helton

3 Todd Family

Tulo joining the crowd.

4 Tulo in crowd last

Rockies gift to Helton.

5 Todds horse

6 Todds horse

Rockies…You got this one right!

7 Todds horse pet

8 Todd horse big screen

9 Todd Family horse

Former Rockie Brad Hawpe.

10 Helton horse laugh

11 Helton tip hat 1

12 17 on field 1

12 Helton on first

13 Todd Crowd 1

14 Todd Crowd 2

15 Todd at bat 1

16 Todd first pitch

17 Peavy on mound

18 Helton Peavy standoff

Perfect pitch.

19 Perfect pitch 1

Perfect swing.

20 Perfect swing

Gone, just like everyone in attendance knew it would be.

21 Helton look at HR

22 Helton staring home run

Coors Field goes absolutely nuts!

23 Fans go wild

24Helton rounding third

One last trip home.

25 Helton home

26 Helton High 5

27 Helton Crowd

28 Helton crowd 2

29 Todd Torrealba

30 Todd hat off again

31 Todd  hat 5

32 Todd swing at bat 1

33 Todd swing foul 1

I’m proud of the Rockies for the way they did Helton’s last game. Props to the Red Sox for being cool during the whole ceremony.

It was hard to upload and look at all these pictures as it brought back the feeling I experience during the game. Helton has been there as long as I’ve been going to Rockies games on a regular basis.

Now there’s just a big empty first base. I hope they leave the 17 in the outfield.

17 coors

There was a guy carrying around this picture of Todd as a Centaur for the last few games I went to.

Weird as hell but blog worthy.

Todd centaur crop

I’m “D” the Ranter.

Who’s gonna be the leader of the Rockies now? Most of us know who it shouldn’t be.

I feel like the off-season blues are gonna be a whole lot bluer.

Good luck to you Todd and thanks for all the Memories!



3 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be Odd…Without Todd

  1. What a great entry and set of pictures. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you this season more than once. I like your new logo “Ranter”. Todd will be missed by all, he was a class act all the way. Thanks again for your blog.

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