Eagles are Grounded…Then Pounded


b vs e

I was explaining to Krista what kind of Quarterback Michael Vick is. I was like the dude can run, he can throw, he can make plays happen when nothing is happening, however he’s just not reliable or likeable.

Fair assessment?

I like Michael Vick about as much as I like taking my dogs to the Vet.

I noticed I had not heard any smack talk from ANY of my Eagle fan friends?? ..Yeah though so 🙂

I can’t tell you how much fun the “Peyton Manning Show” has been this season. As a fan, 4-0, Manning with career and record numbers. Witnessing touchdown after touchdown. Yeah it’s a good year to be a season ticket holder.

Today I got a shot of the skydivers from outside the stadium.

para guy upside down 1

para guy real close

Didn’t plan it that way, we were just a little bit late getting to our seats.

2 wes Welker eagles


3 Thomas catch  eagles1

4 Welker catch eagles1

5 Welker TD 1 Eagles

6 Vick running eagles 1

7 Field goal is good eagles1

Peyton on Top eag

7 Vick down eagles1

8 Holliday catch gone 1

9 Holliday gone eagles 3

10 Holliday TD eagles 1

11 Holliday salute eagles 1

12 Brown down eagles 1

13 Peyton throw

14 Hanging on eagles 1

15 Vick throw it away eagles 1

16 thomas push off eagles 1

17 Peyton safe eagles 1

18 Peyton sack throw eagles 1

19 Moreno TD eagles 1

21 Decker drop eagles 1

22 Moreno catch eagles 1

23 Thomas TD eagles 2

24 Decker miss eagles 1

25 TD jump eagles 1

26 Welker block Thomas eagles 1

27 manning bench eagles 1

28 Woodyard sack eagles 1

29 chase eagles 1

30 WElker catch eagle s2

31 Welker TD catch eagles 3

32 graceful eagles 1

209 decker and moreno td eagles 1

39 decker tackled eagles 4

When you see Brock in a regular season game it’s either a good thing or a really bad thing.

This was a good thing.

40 brock 11

At the beginning of the 4th quarter I mentioned I’d like to see the Broncos break 50 points. Needless to say that last field goal was icing on the cake.

Final Score 52-20.

I’m “D” the Ranter and these Eagles were tamed.



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