Broncos T-Bag the Jags

nfl_jaguars_vs_broncosJaguars vs Broncos

There’s nothing like an early morning tailgate party.

Bronco’s parking lots open at 9am for a 2:00 game. Either you’ve got your shit packed the night before or you’re gett’n up at the crack of dawn to load that car. Krista and I have no elaborate tailgating ensemble right now until the VW bus is finished. For now we just bring food, booze, our chairs, my Broncos cornhole game and a lot of enthusiasm.

We rolled in about 10 am and managed to get a decent spot to tailgate and play a lil cornhole. I wanted to get inside the Stadium a bit early so I wouldn’t miss the Todd Helton tribute.

Tebow to Jacksonville…Hmmm?

2 TEbow to jacksonville

1 plane with sign Tebow

I had planned on shooting video of the Helton tribute but just as I was about to start filming a rather large lady squeezed past Krista and I and managed to spill my drink all over the place. For that reason I didn’t get to shoot the video.

The Helton tribute was short and here’s a few pics.

7 Helton family jags

8 Helton wave jags

3 horse flame jag

4 Welker intro jag

5 Manning intro jag

Helton on the field for the coin toss.

6 coin toss Helton jags

Lets do this!

9 Get ready jags 1

10 go jags 1

11 Manning pressure jag

12 Manning crush jags 1

13 Td celebreation jags

14 its good jag1

15 Todd on side jag1

16 Manning throw jag1

17 Ball flying jag1

18 Welker run jag 1

18 Welker run jag1

19 Welker down TD jag

20 Welker high 5 jag1

21 Moreno blackmon tackle jag1

22 champ in air jag1

24 TD miss jag1

25 TD miss 2 jag

26 MOreno TD 4 jag

27 Jag hand off jag1

28 Champ Baily yeah jag 1

30 champ baily standoff

29 Jag TD 2 no

Anyone know what the square means?

30 Jag square huh

31 Thomas run jag1

Manning throws.

32 Peyton thows pick jags


33 Ptytons pick jags1

It gets ugly from here.

34 keep running jags 1

What is Peyton doing?

35 Manning push down jags

Stop that shit Peyton. We can’t risk it.

36 manning down jags1

37 jags td 11

Guess what?…Champ’s back yo!

38 champ the man 1 jags

39 champ pre tackle jags1

40 jags td 2 jags

41 Thomas run jgs1

42 Moreno go jags1

43 Manning drop 1


44 Manning drop 2

45 Manning drop 3

46 Manning drop 4 wes welker

47 Manning shocked jags1

48 Manning hand off jags 1

49 Manning in charge jags21

50 Manming here  ya go jags1

This is what happens when you don’t stand up quick enough when the Broncos score.

52 fan blocking view jags

53 Moreno score jagsw 22

I was excited for this game but not nearly as much as a couple of our previous games.

I figured this to be an easy win.

The weather was perfect today as it is most Broncos home games. What I got out of this game is I like how Moreno is maturing. He just plays hard and is much better at keeping that football tucked with a 5 point grip. However we need Von Miller back on this defense doing his thing (He’s back next week vs the Colts). Let’s hope Von has realized just how lucky he is and is ready to grow up.

 Good to see Champ Bailey out tackling dudes again, he’s amazing to watch.

Broncos win again with a final score of 35-19.

I’m “D” the Ranter…6-0 baby!!

Time to head to Indianapolis and shove a win down that prick Jim Irsay’s throat.



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