Manning Delivers…Rivers Withers

Continued from

Rod Smith getting the crowd ready to start this thing. I miss his pizza commercials.

rod smith pizza

B vs C 2

On the field for the coin toss..”Jake the Snake” Plummer. Broncos win the toss…They defer.

b vs c 3Jake the Snake plummer

First play of the game…Handoff to Mathews.

b vs c 4 handoof to Mathews

Some serious interference noise from the home crowd. At times you could tell the 12th man had its effect on Rivers.

b vs c 5

b vs c 6

b vs c 7

b vs c 8

Broncos turn.

b vs c 11

b vs c 10

b vs c 12

Touchdown #1

b vs c 13

Thomas earned that TD

Manning flashing the Ranter sign. I believe the call was “Ranter 1, In and Out burger, Black Hawk, Hurry Hurry” or something like that.

b vs c 14 ranter sign

b vs c 15

b vs c 16

Pass to Thomas who is about to get slammed.

b vs c 17

Then fumbles.

b vs c 18

Chargers recover…Cry me a River Phillips is back.

Did I mention the Chargers had a LOT of injuries usually as the Broncos were gaining momentum… Just say’n.

b vs c 19

b vs c 21 facemask

Yeah Champ is back!

b vs c 22

Rivers going down again.

b vs c 23

b vs c 24

Manning doesn’t even flinch.

b vs c 25

b vs c 26

b vs c 27

b vs c 28

Manning to Wes.

b vs c 29

b vs c 30

b vs c 31

b vs c 32

b vs c 33

b vs c 34

b vs c 35

b vs c 36

b vs c 37

b vs c 38

Krista and I really enjoyed watching this game but we never felt at ease an any point during the 60 minutes.

I’ll admit it, last years post-season kept ringing in my ears. The Chargers were formidable opponents, but the Broncos defense was up to the challenge this game.

Final Score

final score


You lead brotha we’ll follow. Cold weather ain’t shit.

PFM yo 2

I will not be at the game next week and this is my last Broncos blog of the season. I appreciate all who frequent here and I look forward to watching the Broncos in the Superbowl this year. I’m “D” the Ranter


If I can’t dazzle you with my brilliance I’ll just baffle you with some bullshit.


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